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Important notes

I assume no liability for damages or consequential damages of any kind that may arise in connection with or through my software. I do not warrant that my software will run properly with any system configuration and hardware and will meet your requirements . I have worked with the greatest possible care and tested my software extensively. Of course I have respected the copyright in my software and on this page.

You may:

  • you may publish my software on your website if you refer to at the same time.
  • install my software and pass it on unmodified.
  • recommend my software.

You may but not:

  • use the name of my software as search term in search engines for links to your site, if my software is not even offered as a download or link by you.
  • use the name of my software in any way to your advantage without prior agreement.
  • offer my software on websites that have pornographic, paedophile, criminal, right-wing extremist, violent and/or inhuman content.
  • redevelop, decompile, disassemble my software or parts of my software or make the source code accessible to yourself in any other way.
  • sell my software.